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Graduate Courses

At the Institute of Holistic Transformation we offer a variety of services

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Together with Marina Romero, Ramon is the creator of Holistic Transformation, an innovative approach to integral growth that has multiple applications (therapy and healing, education, spiritual practice, etc.). Ramon is a clinical psychologist, a theologian, and a sexologist, who founded ESTEL in the 1976, the first center for Humanistic Psychology in Spain. For more information about Ramon and his center click here:

Sexuality as a Transformational Path :

                    Beijing    - August 31st - September  2nd, 2018

Sexual Energy as a Super Power: Implications for Career, Relationships, and Creativity


Sexuality as a Transformational Path :

                   Shanghai   - September 7 - 9, 2018

We offer a certificate program in Holistic Transformation on an individual basis and in group modules

Psycho-spiritual guidance counseling is available for those seeking to engage a process of transformative healing and growth. Sessions are attuned to the unique needs of each client and aim to foster healthy emotional expression, grounded and embodied wisdom, and a holistic understanding of oneself in the world.

Sessions with either Sam or Marina incorporate somatic practices and artistic expression.

Individual, Couple, and Group Counseling

Institute of Holistic Transformation

Ramon Albareda gave a talk in Berkeley on 9-23-18. See the three part audio below