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Holistic Transformation: A Philosophy of Life

The ever-shifting, expanding, interweaving play of cosmic consciousness unfolds in organic, coherent, rhythm as vast undulating patterns of energy that flow throughout all that is. This primordial consciousness sustains, forms, and creates the immense diversity and complexity of manifest reality and the experiential fabric of mind as brought to experience through the specific locality of a conscious being. Let us not forget. This is the ground of our existence.

Within this vast mystery the human psyche, a mirror of the cosmic psyche, is constituted by multiplicity. Every “inner” voice, every impulse, aspect, or part of us, carries wisdom and medicine, commonly obscured beneath clouds of traumatic biographical density. This human-cosmic medicine is the core radiance of the holistic self, reflecting the fundamental truth of natural law. Aligning ourselves with this medicine is a gateway to sanity, a path out of the destructive insanity in which collective intergenerational trauma traps us.

Holistic Transformation is the name that we give to this vision: a philosophy of life wherein the holistic multiplicity of cosmic-human existence is dynamically founded upon deep cycles of transformation. These cycles are enacted when existence is aligned with the core values of the future human and the gems of its potentiality.

It is a philosophy which emphasizes the hidden and energetic dimension of cosmic consciousness. This deeper order, which guides us from beneath, is perceived via bodily intuition, mystical knowing, poetic awareness, soul perception, and a multitude of other epistemic capacities. By cultivating our bodily intuition, we open the door to awakening, both to our authentic existence as humans and to our existence as channels of cosmic consciousness. Each doorway of the senses is a channel for divine gratification, beauty, and a full encounter with the joy and brokenness of being. The body is a locus for the intertwining of the finite and the infinite, the terrestrial and the celestial.

Holistic Transformation is also a psychology in the ancient sense of the term: the active practice of cultivating soul wisdom to facilitate the vibrant flourishing of human-cosmic nature. The psychology of Holistic Transformation is primarily concerned with the process whereby our essence is revealed and awakened so that a collective creative potential can be realized at a planetary scale. It is a guide for personal and communal awakening that will look different for each unique individual, while grounded in bodily-emergent, shared (pan-human) values that remind us of what it means to be human at a foundational level; values such as creativity, connection, curiosity, self-awareness, vitality, compassion, reciprocity, and love.

Those aspects of human existence that are most commonly exiled, due to shame, fear, and lack of understanding, are those aspects which we most need to open to in order to actualize the fullness of our potentials. As a result, a core focus of Holistic Transformation has often been sexuality and sexual energies, as well as more challenging emotional experiences such as shame, fear, vulnerability, and rage. That which is taboo culturally holds a vital charge that calls for integration and acceptance. Failure to integrate and accept the undeveloped or exiled aspects of ourselves results in a world driven by unconscious patterns of addiction, greed, tribalism, and violence; perpetuating a toxic state of society enslaved to its own wounding.

This is the state of the world today. The majority of humans live blindly. Yet the ground of being, the spring of our essential nature, calls to us always. It is always waiting, yearning to break through, to incarnate, to touch the world.

Holistic Transformation asserts that it is only by opening and surrendering to cyclical processes of transformation—whether initiated internally by one’s will and intention, or externally via impactful experiences—that the whole person is ritually initiated into new modes of embodiment. New modes of embodiment, like a snake that has shed its skin, involve shifting cellular energetic structures of the self and facilitating the emergence of a novel identity.

The novel emergence of self impacts the social, familial, and collective dynamics of culture; while culture, comprised of a historical matrix of intersubjective energetic dynamics carried into the present, simultaneously impresses itself upon the fledgling identity, imploring it to regress and forgo its newly attained form in favor of fear, safety, and devolution. The calcified sediments of intergenerational trauma weigh heavily upon the tender shoots of new life. Yet the power of life’s unfolding cannot be stopped. Life will find a way to the light.

It is crucial that those called toward the task of the future human come together and build a tribe of resilient truth, a tribe capable of rebelling against the regressive forces of collective trauma that contribute to the rapid deterioration of mother earth and the beautiful web of living being that is the life of this planet. Together, we can give each other strength to take a step forward, to maintain the frequency of our essence and stand against injustice and all forms of dehumanization. We need each other, each of us cells of a greater organism waking up to a new mode of consciousness. Let us embrace that which we know to be true, that which we know in our bones to be nourishing.

Transformation of the entire human project is possible. Yes, humanity has a long way to go. There are yet many tears to shed in our journey toward creating a culture of compassion, where individual uniqueness is embraced and a genuine empathy and support for each other is enacted. This is the task of humanity necessary for its fullest flourishing as a manifestation of earth process. And we are finding our way there, step by step, breath by breath: from alienation to connection, from narcissism to compassion, from slavery to freedom, from armored aggression to open-hearted vulnerability. We are embodiments of the mystery. Let us remember who we are and sing together, in a grand chorus of stardust.

--- Samuel Malkemus, January 2023


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