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Flower Blossoms
Eros as a path
to awakening
summer 2024 in-person retreat
Image by Vishal Banik
When the power of sexuality energy and the light of spiritual consciousness become one.

Join us for a deep dive into the fresh waters of our sexual natures!


Together we will create a sacred container of transformation to explore the role of sexuality and erotic energy as a gateway to healing and transformation. 


This workshop utilizes embodied practices and meditations to facilitate an expansion of consciousness and understanding about the role of erotic energy in our lives.


In our times, sexuality is often relegated to the shadows or reduced to a limited genital expression, leaving us disconnected from a whole bodied expression of our sensuous power and intelligence. Eros as a path to awakening is a space that directly confronts this challenge, opening, with care and awareness, the potency of our life-force. 


Unlike many sexuality and neo-tantra workshops, where sexual energies spill over in unconscious and potentially harmful ways, we hold a commitment to facilitate a space of safety that involves clear boundaries, awareness of the sexual shadow, and careful holding of the dynamics of sexual trauma. Through developing a solid space of safety and connection, we engage a meditative inquiry that leads us to embody our wild erotic potentials.

Sexual energy is ultimately the power of the universe moving through our bodies. If we can open to this energy with the light of our awareness, we open the door to incarnate our essential natures as humans on earth.




Inner Sanctum Retreat Center, Woodside, California

  • 85 acres of secluded forest with views of the Pacific Ocean

  • 9000 sq foot home with private and shared sleeping spaces

  • 20x35 foot, shaded, saltwater swimming pool

  • Sauna, paths for reflective walks and hikes, catered meals


 6 nights, August 4th – 10th

Arrive on the 4th in the afternoon, Leave on the 10th before lunch. 


2900$ (300$ Early Bird Discount register before May 5th)

A Limited Number of Work-Study Scholarships Available


 Marina Romero & Samuel Malkemus

Image by Billy Huynh
Institute of Holistic Transformation Retreat Eros as Awakening
Holistic Transformation work has been taught for decades in settings around the world, at Esalen, at CIIS, in workshop and therapeutic settings. This intensive workshop is the first offering in CA in many years. Don’t miss this special opportunity!
Institute of Holistic Transformation Retreat Eros as Awakening
Institute of Holistic Transformation Retreat Eros as Awakening
Wild Flowers
structure of our time together

Sunday evening – Opening to Sacred Community/Connection to the Elements. 


Monday - Who am I as a sexual being?

                     How does Eros open us to our essential natures?

Morning – Beginning with the Heart,

                   Introduce Interactive Embodied Meditations

Afternoon - Intimacy Practice – Sharing circle


Tuesday - Deepening into Sexual Energy

Morning – Embodiment and Sexual Energy, Body/Vital meditation

Afternoon – Introduce Contract Wheel


Wednesday - Expanded Consciousness and Erotic Awakening

Morning – Introducing the Consciousness Center

Afternoon – Conscious Embodiment and Contract Wheel


Thursday, Working with the Sexual Shadow

Morning – Introducing dynamics of fear and desire

Afternoon – Releasing shame and Contract wheel


Friday, Eros as a Path of Awakening

Morning – Embodying our Holistic Essence

Afternoon – Welcoming Wild Eros and Contract wheel


Saturday morning, Ritual Closing, Saying goodbye to the space

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art by Chiara Aime.jpg
Who is this for?

This retreat would benefit anyone looking to deepen their understanding of sexuality and is designed for both personal and professional inquiry. It is especially designed for those drawn to a spiritual approach to, and understanding of, sexuality. With this in mind it is well-suited for spiritual minded individuals or couples looking to explore their relationship to their sexuality, sexual identity, and path of sexual healing, as well as for therapists, educators, healers, and any other professionals that might benefit from a holistic understanding of sexual life. 


The primary goals of this module are that, by the end of the course, participants:

✓ Gain a deeper understanding of the role of sexuality in spiritual life


✓  Recognize the impact of sexual trauma and pathways toward its resolution


✓  Understand the key role that embodiment plays in provided a ground for a whole-bodied experience of sexuality that is not limited to genital sensation


✓  Develop knowledge of the way sexual arousal can be interwoven with past traumas


✓  Recognize the importance of having a healthy relationship to the sexual self, free of shame, rejection, and fear


✓  Understand the role of sexual energy in living an authentic life path that is anchored in our uniqueness and not dictated by external rules or norms

Institute of Holistic Transformation Retreat Eros as Awakening
We look forward to journeying with you!
In Gratitude & Service,

Samuel & Marina

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