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What We Do
An Embodied approach to Healing and Spiritual Awakening - grounded in practice

what is Holistic Transformation?

           Holistic Transformation is a psychology in the ancient sense of the term: the active practice of cultivating wisdom to facilitate the vibrant flourishing of human-cosmic nature.

           The psychology of Holistic Transformation is primarily concerned with the process whereby our essence is revealed and awakened so that a collective creative potential can be realized at a planetary scale. Holistic Transformation asserts that it is only by opening and surrendering to cyclical processes of transformation that the whole person is ritually initiated into new modes of embodiment. New modes of embodiment, like a snake that has shed its skin, involves shifting cellular energetic structures of the self and facilitating the emergence of a novel identity.

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The five Basic Centers of

The Holistic Self

From where in your body to you tend to live? What form of knowing do you most apply in your daily life?

      Industrial Societies prioritize a head-centered, mind-centered, way of relating the world.

     We believe that there is much more to being human than the mind alone and call upon other essential aspects, each with their own unique voice and wisdom, to participate as equal partners in the human journey.

    For an approach that is simple, deep, and grounded in bodily experience, Holistic Transformation is a guide, through embodied meditations and various practices, toward cultivating an integral experience of humanness

the Core tenants
of holistic transformation


Human nature is fundamentally holistic

 a whole comprised of many aspects.


it is only through acceptance and development of each aspect

that the manifestation of the holistic self be realized.


The core aspects of the holistic self

can be directly accessed through the body.


Holistic Transformation identifies five core aspects as foundational

each with a bodily location and center: The Consciousness Center, The Mind Center, The Heart Center, The Vital Center, The Body Center.


The full flourishing of one’s potential

can occur only when each center is welcomed as an equal partner.


Healing and awakening of the holistic self

is founded upon cycles of transformation that are constantly impelling the individual toward new stages of evolution.


When transformation ceases

due to fear, shame, and/or traumatic experience, life ceases to grow.


Holistic Transformation allows for the integration

of the light of consciousness with the dark of vital embodiment while bringing both transpersonal forces into the unique experience of the human heart.

Image by Peter Aschoff

Core practices

Interactive Embodied Meditations

Meditations in conscious physical contact: 

  1. Designed to facilitate deep self-listening and inquiry

  2. Involve a clear structure and framework of safety and self-responsibility

  3. Link conscious awareness with hidden layers of embodiment

  4. Allow for access to the unique worlds of the five basic centers. 

Movement Practices

  1. Designed to foster embodiment, play, and vitality

  2. Allow for the dissolution of fixed body-mind structures

Guided Meditations and exercises

  1. Designed to awaken an expanded sense of self

  2. Aim to release tension and open doorways to the embodied self


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