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Events & Retreats
- Highlighted Past Events -
Embodied Journey Croatia
September 25th to October 1st, 2022

Life is energy: energy to move, to breathe, to love, to create. Where does energy come from and how can we best understand energy for enriching our quality of life and vitality throughout our lifetime? On our Hvar Embodied Journey, we dive into this mystery, exploring how life force energy can support a process of holistic transformation that opens the door to our essential nature. Together we will discover how to embody this powerful energy and carry it into our lives.

Intensive Workshops China
fall 2018

In the Fall of 2018, Samuel was invited to offer intensive workshops, lectures, and work with clients in Shanghai and Beijing. 

Sexuality is a highly taboo topic there and I was grateful to be able to work with the Chinese people. While there I learned that the words 'sex' and 'sexuality' are blocked for internet searches, and that there is no legal punishment for sexual abuse or domestic violence. In my two weeks there I was touched by the beauty of the Chinese culture and people. 

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